Fotasy Pentax DA lens to Sony E-Mount adapter, Aperture Control, Compatible with a7 a7R a7S II III IV a9 a9II a7c Alpha 1 ZV-E10 a6600 a6500 a6400 a6300 a6000 a5100 a5000 a3500 a3000

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Pentax DA lens lenses Sony E-Mount Adapter

Its fits Pentax DA lenses, even the lens don't have aperture control
It also fits other Pentax Manual lens, such as Pentax M, A

Solid metal mount lens adapter allows Pentax DA / M / A / F Lens to be used on Sony E Mount camera body.
Allows Lens Focus to infinity
Equipped with Lock Pin and aperture release
With Lock / Open Aperture Control Ring to set the designed aperture

Sony NEX-5C NEX-5N NEX-5R NEX5T NEX-6 NEX-7 NEX-F3 a3000 a3500 a5000 a5100 a6000 a6300 a6400 a6500 a6600 ZV-E10
a7 a7 II a7 III a7 IV a7R a7R II a7R III a7R IV a7S a7S II a7S III a9 a9II a7c Alpha 1
Pentax DA mount lens

Package Includes:
Pentax DA lens to Sony E-mount Adapter x 1