Fotasy Nikon F Mount lens to Samsung NX Mount Adpater, Compatible witt Samsung NX1000 NX300 NX210 NX200 NX20 NX10 NX5 Mirrorless Camera

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  •  Solid metal mount lens adapter allows Nikon F Mount lens to fit on Samsung NX Mirrorless camera body.
  • Infinity remains unchanged, so the lens does not need to be re-collimated or shimmed.
  • Meter Exposure Functions
  •  Superior quality, made of brass, anodized aluminum camera body mount, smooth surface finishing!
  • Samsung NX1 NX3000 NX300M NX300 NX2000 NX1100 NX1000 NX210 NX200 NX30 NX20 NX5 Camera
  • Nikon F Mount lens
Package Includes:
  •  Nikon F Mount lens to Samsung NX Adapter x 1