Fotasy M42 to M42 42mm Screw Mount Adjustable Macro Focusing Helicoid Ring 15mm - 26mm

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    This focusing Helicoid tube is made with standard M42 mount and is made with light-weight alloy.
    The 42mm side is female mount and 42mm side is male mount.
    This Helicoid tube is useful for those lenses without focus ring
    It could be used as Macro barrel, and offers fine focus control for macro photography.
    The length of this Helicoid tube 15mm (min) to 26mm (max), it offers a total of 11mm movement distance for lens focusing.
    Superior quality, made of copper, anodized aluminum
    Instruction, mount the Helicoid tube to your lens, and then the combination of lens and Helicoid tube to the camera.    
    You may need M42 - Canon / M42 - Pentax / M42 - Sony / M42 - Nikon / M42 - 4/3 / M42 - NEX / M42 - M4/3 / M42 - NX adapters when you need to connect this adapter to correspondent DSLRS.

    M42 Screw Mount Lens

 Package Includes:
    M42 to M42 Adjustable Focusing Helicoid 15mm - 26mm x1