Kiwifotos LP-169 169mm Arca Lens Plate Quick Release for Canon 400mm f2.8, 600mm f4, 800mm f5.6; Pentax 250-600mm f5.6, 600mm f4; Sigma 150-500mm f5-6.3, 300-800mm f5.6, 500mm f4.5, 800mm f5.6 etc

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  • Made of anodized aluminum, with anti-twist flanges to trace the edges of the lens' Tripod collar.
  • It fits all the Arce-type quick release adapters, such as Acratic, Arce-Swiss, Fob, Graf/Studio ball, Gitmo, Novo flex, NPC and Wimberley.
  • Dual Safety Stops: The safety stops at the front & back of the Kiwifotos LP lens plate prohibit your lens from accidentally slipping out of the quick release adaptereasily removed with supplied hex wrench if desired.
  • Works with all common flash brackets Drilled holes accept flash arms from Kirk & really right Stuff Kiwi design Universal Lens plate size chart.
  • Recommends for Canon 400mm F2. 8, 600mm F4, 800mm F5. 6; Pentax 250-600mm F5. 6, 600mm F4; Sigma 150-500mm f5-6. 3, 300-800mm F5. 6, 500mm F4. 5, 800mm F5. 6 lens and other tele lenses