JJC RM-D89 Infrared Wireless Remote Control for Canon HFM50 HFM500 HFM52 HFM56 HFM506 HFG10 HFS20 HFS200 HFS21 HFM41 HFM40 HFM400 HFM32 HFM300 HFM330

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JJC RM-D89 Infrared Remote Control is specially designed for Canon Legria or Vixia camcorders.

The controller features multi-functions, such as video recording, photo shooting, zooming, displaying and playback.

It is convenient for you when using the camcorder on a tripod.

It also prevents shaking when taking photos or recording videos. Greatly enhance your image quality.

Moreover, with a compact design, the controller is easy to carry and storage

JJC RM-D89 replaces Canon WL-D89 wireless controller.

Battery Type: 3V CR2025 lithium battery x 1
Operating Temperature: 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
Storage Temperature: -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
Operation Distance: 1cm-10m
Mass: 22g
Dimension: Approx. 86.0 x 40.5 x 11.5mm

1. When the remote control is not in use over a long time, please remove the battery from the remote control.
2. Do not leave the remote control in places subject to extremely high temperature.
3. The operating range of the wireless controller will shorten under the following circumstance.
•When strong light strikes the camera.
•When the battery is weak.

XA10 XA20 XA25 XA30 XA35 XA50 XA55 XF400 XF405 GX 10
HF 330 HF G10 HF G20 HF G30 HF G40
HF M31 M32 M40 M41 M50 M51 M52 M56 M60 M300 M400 M500 M506
HF S20 S21 S30 S200

 RM-D89 Remote x 1