JJC Kiwifotos KE-DK30 Large Long Silica Eye cup Eyecup Eyepiece for Nikon Z50 as DK-30

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JJC Kiwifotos KE-DK30 TPU Silica Gel eyecup for Nikon Z50

It allows more comfortable viewing when camera is held to eye, especially when wearing glasses. And it also protects your glasses from scratches.
Ergonomic design fits your eyes better.
Soft silicone for eye comfort, especially for eyeglass users.
Made of durable ABS and soft silicone material.

    Seals out stray light for improved viewfinder optics
    Camera eyecups provide cushioning around the camera's eyepiece, and are especially useful to eyeglass wearers.
    Made of Silica gel

    Made of durable ABS and soft silicone material.
    Size: 49.9*33.1*21.9mm
    Weight: 7g.

    Nikon Z50

Package Includes:
    JJC Kiwifotos KE-Dk30 eyecup x1