White Balance Filter, White Balance Disc, JJC Hand-held Wb Disc for Digital Photography, Easy to Use, Consistent Accurate color, for Lens Filter Diameter up to 95mm

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  • Provides Consistent, Accurate color
  • Allows digital photographers to quickly and easily set an accurate custom white balance.
  • Individually assembled, calibrated and certified for neutrality in the visible spectrum, and for 18% light transmission.
  • It can be used on-the-fly to set a white balance in-camera when shooting JPEG, or later in post production when shooting RAW. Using a JJC white balance filter to set a custom white balance results in consistently balanced color and eliminates many of the yellow, red and blue color casts commonly seen in digital photography.
  • Hand Held, Light Weight, Easy to Carry, Easy to use.

  • Net  Weight    46g
  • Real Size    150x120x7mm
  • Fits: Lens Filter Diameter up to 95mm
  • JJC WB-F1 White Balance Filter x 1