JJC FC-SB400 Professional Flash Dome Diffuser for Nikon SB-400 Flash, SB400 Difuser Box

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  • Custom Made to fit Nikon sb-400 SB400 flash
  • Creates a diffused Bare bulb effect
  • Diffuser softens the harsh light of an electronic flash in bounce mode
  • Small and sturdy enough to stash in your camera bag without worrying about damage

JJC FC-SB400 flash Dome diffuser is a latest product specifically designed for Nikon sb-400 Speedlite. This diffuser can soften the light more Significantly while attached on the sb-400 more tightly.

It can soften the light output of a flash. In effect, The light will not come from one concentrated source (like a spotlight), but spread out, bounce from reflective ceilings and walls instead, thus reducing harsh shadows that are often the result when using direct illumination.

Flash diffuser is particularly useful for portrait photographers, since harsh light and hard shadows are usually not considered flattering in a portrait.


  • JJC FC-SB400 Diffuser x1