(5 Packs) Fotasy Lens Rear Caps for M42 42mm Screw Mount Lens, M42 Lens Cap, M42 Lens Rear Cap, 42mm Screw Mount Lens Cap, M42 End Cap, fits Pentax Takumar /MamiyaSekor/ Helios M42 Lens

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Fotasy High quality lens rear cap for M42 42mm Screw Mount Lens.

M42 Screw Cap/ 42mm Screw Caps  for M42 42mm Screw Mount Lens    
M42 Lens Cover fits Classic Leness with M42 42mm Screw Mount, such as Pentax Takumar, Helios M42 Lenses    
M42 Screw Cap can protect your valuable lenses against scratches, moisture, dust and fingerprints when it is not attached to the camera.

Package Included:
M42 Lens Cover x 5pcs