(5 Pcs) Silver Stainless Steel Screws + 5 Safety Tethers for for Quick Release Neck Strap R-Strap

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(5 Pack) Silver Stainless Steel Screws for Quick Release Neck Strap R-Strap + 5 Safety Tethers for Quick Release Neck Strap

Silver Stainless Steel Screws Features:
    This solid stainless steel screw provides a positive connection point while perfecting the quick and easy attachment and release system.
    The enhanced locking ridges ensure that solid connection between your camera and quick release neck straps.
    Made of solid stock 304 stainless steel, with high-grade rubber compression washer
    Fits all Type of Quick Release Neck Straps and attaches to the connector
    Anti-Slip Layer
    Weight (each): 15.2 grams / 0.54 OZ

Camera Safety Tether Features:
    Provides Extra Protection for DSLR, mirrorless and Pro DSLR cameras Stainless Steel Carabiner with Hex Nut Screw Lock
    Secures camera with a backup connection between camera and camera sling strap, provides peace of mind and extra security in case the main strap attachment fails
    Strong durable aluminum connector with outer layered rubber preventing camera damage
    SUPER SECURE- Securely hold even the heavies DSLR cameras with long lens.Add an extra tether for your expensive equipment, and it gives you the freedom you need to get creative.
    EASY TO USE- This camera tether will not get in your way when you move around you camera controls. To attach, simply insert the strap through camera eyelet and the belt loop. Attach the quick release screw gate carabiner on your camera strap for safe and easy movement.
    COMPATIBLE with any camera with a standard sized eyelet, including all DSLR cameras and most mirrorless cameras. Small and action cameras which feature a very small eyelet may not be compatible.

    Quick Release Neck Strap R-Strap
    Cameras with a standard sized eyelet

Package Includes:
    Silver Stainless Steel Screws x 5
    Camera Safety Tethers x 5