(3 Pcs) Fotasy Rear Lens Cover Cap Body Covers for Leica M, Leica M Lens Rear Cap, Leica M Lens Rear Cover, Leica M End Cap, fits Leica-M LM Mount Lense Camera Body

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Fotasy High quality lens rear caps Body Covers for Leica M Mount Lenses

Leica M Lens Cover are designed for Leica M Mount lenses.
Body cap can effectively protect the image sensor and internal camera components from dust, moisture, and other elements     
Leica M Mount Lens Cap can protect your valuable lenses against scratches, moisture, dust and fingerprints when it is not attached to the camera.    

Package Included:

  • Leica M Lens Caps x 3pcs    
  • Leica M Body Covers x 3pcs