Fotasy 37mm MRC Multi-Coated Nano Lens Filter

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  • Nano MRC multi-resistant-coating, waterproof, oil and scratches resistant
  • Ultra Slim Design, features a 3.5mm Ultra-Slim Double-Threaded Traction Frame to Eliminate Vignetting on Wide-Angle Full-frame setups.
  • 16 layer multi-coated, greatly reduce the appearance of lens flare and ghosting caused by Reflections.
  • Ultra thin 1mm glass, light transmission rate ≥ 99%. with a front thread for additional accessories.
  • This UV filter is compatible with all 37mm camera lenses. Your Lens thread size will be printed underneath your Lens cap or written somewhere on the Lens barrel.

Details: Fotasy 37mm Ultra Slim Nano Coatings MRC Multi Resistant Coating HD UV Filter. This Premier UV Filter is designed for the professional photographer.

The MRC UV is incredibly durable and resolves critically sharp, light transmittance can be as high as 99%.

The 16-Layer Multi-Resistant Coating process hardens both optical surfaces, reduces reflections and achieves true color neutrality while maximizing contrast fidelity.

MRC Filters absorb ultraviolet rays which often makes outdoor photographer hazy and indistinct. A multi-purpose, fine weather filter also serves as a permanent lens protector.

Reduced internal reflections mean a clearer image with greater contrast. The UV Filter will not affect the color balance or performance of your lenses.