Fotasy 100cm Mechanical Cable Shutter Release with Bulb-Lock for Fujifilm X10 X20 X30 X100s X100t X-Pro1 X-Pro2 X-E1 X-E2, Leica M6 M7 M8 and Nikon Df F4 FM2 F3 FE FM3a F80, Threaded Release Cable

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  • This is a top quality manual locking cable release works with film digital or professional video camcorders.
  • A cable release is used to eliminate camera shake for critical situation where the camera must remain perfectly still.
  • The tapered threaded end screws directly into your cameras shutter button.
  • Cable release is made of stainless wire and covered with a vinyl tube for durability. Fotasy is a registered brand name
  • Length: 100cm

Threaded Cable Release is applicable to all cameras with a threaded shutter release button. It can closely connect threaded shutter release button for a more reliable shutter release. It can quick release the shutter to avoid the image shaking, and can lock and unlock the bulb for long exposure shooting.

Product Highlights:

- Closely connecting shutter thread hole for more reliable shooting

- Quick release the shutter to avoid the image shaking- Bulb locking and unlocking design for long exposures shooting